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Commercial Landscape Management

Naturally, we keep you looking good.

Your job as a property manager is time-consuming and requires you to wear many hats. Landmark Landscapes can relieve some of that headgear…quite beautifully, in fact.  We’re your single source for managing your all-important landscape so it stays manicured, seasonal and picturesque - while uniquely bringing out the best in your property. 

With more than 40 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers, Landmark naturally knows how to deliver landscape excellence.  Put us on board and we’ll create a one-of-a-kind service plan that is personalized to meet your schedule, your budget and your needs.  Your property will be maintained by reliable, knowledgeable work teams, who are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and tools.   Our advanced, landscape-focused software system allows us to schedule precisely and communicate easily.  You will always be kept abreast of when we will be coming, what services will be performed and the current state of your property.  As a customer, you will have 24/7 computer access to your account.  And if there ever are any unexpected issues that need immediate or unscheduled attention, Landmark always scores high marks for responding quickly. 

For the complete solution to your Commercial Landscape Management needs, choose the company that will keep you worry-free, confident and downright beautiful.   Choose Landmark Landscapes.  And your nature will be one of excellence, as well.

Multi Family
For decades, Landmark has been bringing home excellence to apartment complexes of every size.  We can custom-design a management program that keeps your property fresh, clean and attractive, so value stays high and tenants are proud of the place in which they live.
Office Parks
Landmark is in the business of keeping businesses looking their very best.  Our Landscape Management programs are customized and detailed to enhance the building and impress the people inside.
Shopping Centers
Shopping has become more experiential and the atmosphere outside of the stores is often as important as what is inside. Landmark can create and maintain creative and appealing landscapes while working around heavy business hours so as not to distract shoppers.
Landmark is well-schooled in bringing out the best in learning and medical facilities. Our Landscape Management programs make sure visitors are always beautifully welcomed to a clean and attractive campus.